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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Adventures4U Scam

Adventures4U is still online but does not guarantee anymore payoff. Since the last quarter of 2009 it has already stopped paying their investors in the revenue sharing program. From my last log-in from their site I noticed that the forum section is removed, the only reason I could think off why they removed it is to hide members complain. They are also currently promoting their sister site Trading Gold 4 Cash, a site that buys that buys gold, silver, platinum, vermeil, diamonds (1/4 kt and larger), broken rings, singular earrings, pendants and Necklaces and requires you to submit your name, email, address etc. I am moving Adventures4U to my Scam List because they did not pay me anything or refund my investment.

If you have experience in investing in Adventures4U wheter its good or bad please fell free to comment.

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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Rowbux Scam

I'm adding Rowbux to the scam list because it has been removed from the active PTC sites in my GPTBank account. Also this email i received dated Dec. 28, 2009 from Rowbux Admin is already a sign.. You can read the email message below..

This message is directly from the RowBux owner.

I first wish to again apologize for our recent downtime and our current lack of ability to provide suitable advertising. But, during this time of year, we find it difficult to find advertisers that are providing honest opportunities or even products to offer on our site.

While we are sure you are disappointed in our current service, I would like to express that I have full intention of bringing RowBux back to the top of the PTC rankings that we once had just a couple of months ago.

With the current situations that have developed within our business, we must employ some changes.

I wish to explain some of our changes on RowBux site.

1) We have recently disabled the withdrawal process for STANDARD members only. This is TEMPORARY as we regain our position online. Once we have re-established ourselves, we will reopen the withdrawals for the STANDARD members. Until such time as we create positive cashflow, we can only allow our STANDARD members to use their earnings toward advertising on our site. It is up to each member to purchase advertising as needed or decide to wait out the storm.

Any withdrawals from STANDARD members that slip through the cracks will most likely be refunded directly back into your RowBux account. So, please be informed of this change. STANDARD members will not receive a cash payment into any processor at this time.

2) Our next change relates to the referral earnings on the site. We will be placing advertisng back into the site this coming week, but referral earnings for the STANDARD members are now reduced significantly. Basically, we have adjusted this level of referral earnings to 1% of the stake. This would amount to about $0.0001 for referral earning. Possibly much less.

3) Referral earnings for upgrade members has been reduced to approximately $0.001. This means referral earnings will be much lower than in the past.

*** We will not be changing the level of earnings on personal clicks at this time. That continues as is for now.

4) Our next change is the removal of the monthly upgrade. We were offering a monthly upgrade option, but we have a small glitch in our system that doesnt provide proper dating format. This causes issues where upgrades expire prematurely. Our annual upgrade function still works fine and will stay in place.

All information within this email will be incorporated into the RowBux website over the coming weeks. So please dont bash me with emails about the differences vetween this email and what is listed on our website.

RowBux always maintains the right to substitute or make necessary changes to ensure our business continues.

We have a programmer that continues to work on our site to help keep all functions working. He provides a great service and will enhance our site as we move forward.

I know most will not be satisfied with our decsions. But it is imperative that these changes take place to ensure longevity of RowBux. We hope all members will accept our changes and continue to visit and earn through our site.

Looking forward to positive solutions in 2010........

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RowBux Admin


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pinoy Scam List

Here are the list of latest scams in the PTC sites: - Paying only premium members. - Redirecting to another site. - No longer Exist.



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